Dear colleagues!

      We would like to invite all math lovers from Grades 1 to 11  to compete for the International Mathematical Olympiad «Maestro Pythagoras» Main Cup.

«Maestro Pythagoras» is a popularization of supplement education, development of mathematical and linguistic abilities of students, increase of motivation of students to self-education and identification of math talents. The tasks are expected to be interesting and unusual. All participants will have the opportunity to compete with their age-mates from different regions of Russia and other countries. All participants will receive certificates, Winners will receive diplomas and medals, the Main Winner will receive Diploma and the Cup.  The winners of the Olympiad will be determined by the results of  two extramural (on-line) Olympic rounds and Final (intramural Olympic round).

All participants are invited to the Olympiad without prior selection. Participation in the Olympiad is voluntary and paid. The decision to participate in the Olympiad is made by students themselves and their parents or legal representatives.

The Olympiad is held from October 14, 2019 to March 22, 2020 in three rounds. The first and second rounds are extramural (on-line), the third round is Final and intramural.

The Olympiad is held in “CO Peter the Great — First European School” in Moscow Region, Russia.


The International Mathematical Olympiad «Maestro Pythagoras»

in 2019-2020 school year



The Olympiad is held in Russian/ English /German. The language of the Olympiad is chosen by the participant. Participants who choose tasks in any foreign language receive additional points. Winners and the Main winner are determined by the sum of points.

For foreign students, in agreement with the meeting party, the text of the Olympiad will be translated into their native language.

You can register on the official site: petersschool.ru


I extramural Olympic round  – 1000 rubles or  € 15

II extramural Olympic round –1000 rubles or  €15

Final  – 2000 roubles or € 30


Best wishes,

Lubov Chunosova

Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Olympiad,

Director of  CHOU  “CO “Peter the Great – First European School”


Curators of the Olympiad:

Telefon: +7(800)505–36–14, +7(495)788–36–96, +7(965)265-64-53

E-Mail: pif@petersschool.ru



Payment details

INN 5029998486

CPT 502901001

OGRN 1125000004580

OKPO 13152289

The RCM 46746000156

R / s 40703810801300000233


to/with 30101810200000000593

BIC 044525593

E-mail: info@petersschool.ru

Director S. A. Derbicheva

Documents for download:

Application    Calendar Olympic games     The Position Of Maestro Pythagoras      The program is

The procedure of      About the Olympics    Accommodation application    Excursions in Moscow

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